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  • Moody 45 Deck Saloon
  • Moody 41 Aft Cockpit
  • Moody 54 Deck Saloon

Moody Boats

The choice of a decksaloon or aftcockpit yacht is very much a matter of personal taste, something we are happy to bear in mind. In matters of safety, seaworthiness, living space, sailing performance, style and elegance we make no compromise. Of course, dignified luxury is also part of every Moody. At the helm of a Moody Decksaloon you will enjoy the generous concept of modern life at one level from the cockpit to the cabin. A Moody Aftcockpit, on the other hand, offers you all the appeal of a classically stylish yacht. Both combine over 200 years of Moody yachting tradition.

In the Moody Aftcockpit or Moody Decksaloon, designers Bill Dixon and Watervision have created a fast and comfortable cruising yacht, equally suitable for marina life, short hops along the coast or for longer offshore passages. In every detail you can feel that the Moody design and boatbuilding team has years of experience - not only at the shipyard but at sea as well.